Why shop with us?

The Green Bowl - steak and mushrooms
The Green Bowl - onions, Cul Mor
The Green Bowl - flowers in sunshine
The Green Bowl - herbs, Rosies
  • Low food miles
    While our livestock make one trip to Dingwall and back (as required by law), everything else is grown right here and sold from here, directly to you, keeping our food miles as low as we can.
  • High animal welfare
    Our livestock are well cared for, and spend most of their lives outdoors, wandering freely around our large common grazings and generally getting to express their natural animal nature… even the pigs, who don’t get to roam as far, get a large area to wallow and dig and generally be very happy pigs!
  • Support our local economy
    Buying food from us injects money directly into our community, and we then also spend that money here in our local community. Our local butchery has created additional employment in our village.
  • Supporting active agriculture maintains habitats and ecosystems
    Crofting activities have helped create an area rich in biodiversity and nature. With a decline in crofting, this is at risk. Buying from us (and other crofters) encourages more, active agricultural management which helps to maintain habitats for our rare and beautiful plants, animals and insects.
  • Supporting active agriculture, crofting, keeps rural populations and helps communities thrive
    Crofting is an integral part of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, as part of the history, culture and way of life. It is also important for its economic contribution, but also for the way that it helps to keep people in townships, connected to the land, and is an important element for keeping townships working together, with a sense of communal identity.
  • Quality food
    We believe our food tastes better and is more nutritious than a lot of other food you can buy. Our livestock are slow growing native breeds who graze on a huge range of different types of grasses, wildflowers, sedges and trees, giving them an amazing flavour but also a wide range of micro-nutrients. Our vegetables are grown using organic practices and are often heritage varieties, selected for taste rather than for being uniform or travelling well on lorries. You also know that the veg will be freshly picked for you.
  • We’re not that expensive, especially the meat
    We try really hard to keep our produce affordable. While we might be more expensive than the cheapest supermarket options, we are usually cheaper than a butcher or specialist producer, and for the quality that you are getting, we think it is worth it.
  • Know where your food comes from – eat seasonally, eat locally
    If you can’t grow your own (or get some from your neighbour), we are the next best thing. You can see the land where we produce our food, chat to us about the challenges (and joys) of producing food, notice how our produce changes as the seasons that you’re experiencing change, and learn to love the food that we can grow here, reclaiming traditional recipes and creating a whole new set that embody the place that we live.