Fortnightly deliveries for Winter

As the nights close in, the frosts start and, soon, the snows come, we’re switching to fortnightly deliveries. We have a lot less veg at this time of year, and no perishable veg that needs to be picked weekly. Also, with generally lower order volumes, it helps us to stay financially viable by only delivering once a fortnight. There’s also more chance of missing extreme weather events that could stop a scheduled delivery if we’re only out every second week! Our upcoming order dates are below, and we’ll probably throw in an extra delivery just before Christmas for those of us who like to organise things at the last minute (we know the feeling!). We’ll also be reinstating our “order anytime and pickup in 3+ days” option for meat in December.

If you struggle to remember which week is “Green Bowl week”, we do have an email reminder mailing list… if you want an email the night before orders open, please just get in touch at (or through the contact form on this website.

– Orders open 12th November for delivery on Friday 17th November
– Orders open 26th November for delivery on Friday 1st December
– Orders open 10th December for delivery on Friday 15th December